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The management of Ász Vendéglátó és Parképítő Kft. sees quality as the single most important and effective defining factor in order to win potential customers, capture and retain market share. In all of our endeavors we strive to minimize our environmental impact and to spread the same environmentally conscious approach both during the event planning and the execution.

In order to provide our customers with the highest standards in food safety and preparation, we instituted a HACCP system in our plant in 2002.  Our HACCP system is operated according to the rules and regulations of Codex Alimentarius to eliminate, prevent, or minimize the risks associated with the fresh preparation and delivery of our products.  We pay special attention to the enforcement of these high standards throughout our supply chain, ensuring that only the safest and freshest ingredients are used, from the farms and fields to your table. To ensure compliance, our HACCP system is annually audited by Márton Quality Bt.

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